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Any companies that we are aware of that service a particular area, are ALREADY in the directory. Please use the ZIPCODE search feature to the right to search for a company that services your area. Please remember, most companies have a very small area that they can service locally, and not all states or cities have companies that service the area.
Each Lawn Greeting and/or Stork rental company is individually owned and operated. And as such, each company will offer different displays, and you may not find the same display at more than one location. Please visit their websites for specific information regarding their policies and procedures.
Any images provided by an individual company, are owned only by that company and are not to be copied or distributed in any fashion.
It's FREE. We may choose at a later time to charge for some features that are now free, or to add additional features for an additional cost.
You need to REGISTER (it's free) and be LOGGED IN to the rentaflock site. Then go to the DETAILED portion of your listing, at the very bottom of the listing, below any reviews, is a link "Claim this Entry", click it it will bring up a form to fill out. PLEASE NOTE: The process to "Claim" a listing is NOT immediate. Once we've MANUALLY verified ownership, we will transfer editing capabilities to you, and you will be able to login to, view your listing and an "edit" and "delete" button will now be visible WHILE you are logged in to our site.
First, make sure you are registered on our site AND logged-in. Second make sure the listing you are trying to edit is yours. If you did not enter it yourself, you will need to follow the above steps to "Claim" the listing, before you can edit it.
Replacing an old image with a new one is a 2 step process. FIRST, you MUST be logged in, then go to your listing to edit it. Scroll down until you see the image you want to replace. Below the image there is a box that says "remove". You must check the box to REMOVE the Logo or Photo from the listing, and then scroll down to the very bottom of the page and hit "send" - that will complete the removal of the checked image. Now you should be able to go back to the area where you add a photo and use the browse button to upload a new one.
Your browser is probably showing you a "cache" of the page. You should manually REFRESH the page it may take a couple trys. You can also choose to manually delete your "Temporary Internet Files" using your browser's options page. Lastly, double-check that your images you are trying to upload are NO LARGER than 900 kb. If you still do not see the new pictures or text, please contact us and we will help you update your listing.
You need to REGISTER (it's free) and login to the rentaflock site. FIRST, please run a search to make sure the name you want to use is not already in use by another company. Company names are NOT ALLOWED to be duplicated, you can always add a city or state after your company name to make it more unique. Go to the Add Listing link of the Directory and complete the form. Entries are moderated, and will not show up immediately, but if approved, should show up in a couple days.
At this time it is free to have a logo and a photo in your listing.
Logo size is 80x80 pixels, Photo size is 300x300 pixels. Either image should be NO LARGER than 900 kb.
Yes! Please provide as much information as possible in your listing to help customers understand what you offer.
No. A link would be greatly appreciated, but it is NOT a requirement. If linking back to our site, we request that you use this text: Stork and Birthday Yard Signs Directory and link to If you would prefer to use an image you can use this one
RentAFlock Directory of Lawn Greeting Businesses
however, please DO NOT hot link to it. Please save the image and upload it to your own site. If you need a banner in a different size, please Contact Us with your specifications.

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